Our Mission

The ICL Platform

The Ideas Changing Lives (ICL) Ideas Management, Project Delivery and Innovation Pipeline Platform, takes the selected concept from an initial stage, and turns it into a solution or process. This implementation can be within the organisation or in the wider marketplace or a combination of both. The ICL Platform will also enable co-collaboration between organisations to resolve common industry problems, fast-forwarding the development of efficient and effective processes.

The ICL platform gives people the opportunity for their ideas to be openly shared, discussed and challenged, within their chosen area of the platform. Ideas will be evaluated, selected, and taken forward to implementation through agreed key steps of a structured process. This is ideal for small to medium sized organisations who have insufficient capital to invest in their own private Ideas Management & Project Delivery system. Alternatively, a customer may choose to have a “closed” and secure system for their organisation with the same benefits as previously stated but NO public access.

Our Targets:

  • Strive for Excellence
  • Seek Opportunities for Improvements (OFIs)
  • Take Action


Our Focal Points:

  • Collaboration and Innovation
  • An Experts Resource Pool
  • Entrepreneurial Learning


The ICL platform creates a “virtual innovation space” that will also extend into reality through innovation centres, conferences and retreats. Movement through membership levels can be earned from points gained through active use of the platform by individuals or organisations.